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A shampoo for sensitive skin. Contains gentle cleansing agents, blended with Lavender and Tea Tre..
A shampoo to relieve Itching in Horses. 500ml Bottle Soothes Calms De-Itches Skin Cleans..
For Horses, Ponies, Donkeys, Deer, Goats and Large Dogs Apply, No Need to Rinse Off Allow to..
Black/Gold design A deluxe bag together with 8 Slip-Not PRO items: Dandy Brush, Body Brush, Flick..
These sets consist of a Bentleys canvas bag with 6 matching slip-not grooming items: Body Brush, Da..
These sets consist of a Bentleys canvas bag with 6 matching slip-not grooming items: Body Brush, Da..
Bentley Slip-Not Large Grooming Kit The Bentley Slip-Not Large Grooming Kit offers selection of ..
A specially formulated clipper oil lubricant with antiseptic for cleaning and lubrication of all cli..
Enriches colour. Deep Cleansing & Conditioning Contains Tea Tree Oil 400ml Great on S..
Beautifully Soft Body Brush With Wooden Back And Diamantes, very nice product for the price range. ..
For removing tangles and static from manes and tails and producing a soft, gloss coat. Luxurious ..
A gently medicated shampoo for regular coat care and show preparation. 500ml. ..
Demoline Anti Bacterial herbal shampoo to throughly cleanse the coat. ..
A sturdy well built sweat scraper, with a unique soft gel handle, which makes grooming your horse ..
Ergonomically S-shaped body brushes with attractive multicoloured fillings and backs ..
A new range of brushes from Equerry, they are ergonomically shaped in an S fashio, which makes them ..
These are the long fill flick brushes, great for removing scurf or for more sensitive horses. A n..
Designed with outer bristles to open the coat for a deep clean with a sponge centre to carry the sha..
A deep cleansing, dual action shampoo with anti-parasitic properties. A good all round equestrian co..
Gel Handle Sweat Scraper in Green, Lilac, Pink, Sky Blue by Polly Products ..
Features:- Comfortable & Soft Gel Handle Stylish Silver Tip for Landyard use. Stiff Br..
This is a sturdy curry comb and is great for cleaning off other brushes and helps take out winter co..
John Whitaker Hoof Pick Colour Pink/Grey Thick Steel (doesn't flex like cheaper ones) Rubb..
John Whitaker Curry Comb Colour Pink/Grey Mane or Tail Comb JW Emblem on Handle Rubber G..
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